The Awakening

Rasco awakens in a crusty void. All he can make out are mountains in the distance. Or are they clouds? Or are they formless abstractions that his brain can't help but try to define, based on his preconceptions and experiences?


Next to him sits an abnormally large fountain pen, beckoning.
Feeling a surge of visual inspiration, he reaches for it....

> Draw: A Light Source

Dear Everyone-who-was-following-the-previous-story,

Thank you so much for all the crazy ideas. I've decided this experience will be better served with a fresh approach. As I've learned through our interactions, this needs to be less about me telling a story and more about you having your imaginations brought to life. As we went along, I started planning out a narrative and that put restrictions on what we could create.
Now, truly anything goes (within the bounds of a certain decency of course).

Let's have some fun!,

2 Kommands:

DarleneH said...

A light source.

Axxle said...

"Within the bounds of a certain decency of course"

... darn.

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