Roderick: Check Workshop for New Legs

Feeling a wee bit tired of hobbling around on his spinal stump, Roderick veers Xiomère down into the Workshop, to possibly find suitable leg replacement parts. After swooping to the floor, Roderick dismounts and begins to poke around, when an eerie sensation creeps over him. Something is amiss in here. Jars of ingredients stand in rows upon the shelves. Utensils lay properly in drawers and bowls are stacked neatly on polished counter-tops. It's all.. so... clean!
TOO clean! There's no way anyone actually works in here.

From outside, the scientist approaches, then stops as a heavy man in a wheelchair silently rolls up behind him, saying, "Denny, this little private militia of yours is doin' a real fine job. Can ya really afford 'em though?
I'm sure I don't pay yous quite that good."

The scientist shrugs, stifling a slight nervousness. "Hey, like I said, you know? It's worth it not worrying about some idiots breaking in here again."

Behind them, the soldier unknowingly carrying Martin stiffly resumes his patrol.

> Tell Martin or Roderick what to do next.

Kommanded by DarleneH, David & Axxle

11 Kommands:

Lawrence said...

Using an egg beater and knife Roderick jerry-rigs some prosthetic limbs.

Literally Cool said...

Dismantle a key piece of the wheelchair to forge awesome new tank-like treads, zip over to Martin and... do something amazing? Seemed so cool from the start... :(

Mirko said...

Koala Attack!

Axxle said...

Martin: Don't forget to take pictures!
Roderick: Search ingredients for useful items.

Glad to see you're back! Looks like the story behind this factory is being revealed more and more.

DarleneH said...

Roderick: Hide under wheelchair.

DarleneH said...

Martin: Push wheelchair.

Axxle said...

Martin: Guard goes to break room.
Roderick: Scan room for a secret door.

Chris said...

Rodrick: Create Clean Bomb.

Anonymous said...

martin: follow wheelchair, if possible
roderick: make tank-tread legs

Harji said...

Roderick: make prosthetic limbs from stuff

Anonymous said...

martin: slip into a guard who isint going anywhere
roderick: make legs out of sporks

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