Recite the Universal Greeting of Peace

For fear of endangering the potential inhabitants living on his planetary foe, Rasco switches off his Combat Top Hat and proceeds diplomatically. He first recites the Universal Greeting of Peace and then offers a space-snack. Nervously, he holds out a rasin & mushroom oatmeal cookie as a token of goodwill.

The planetary monster does not take kindly to this. It charges and unleashes a blinding bolt of searing pink light, shattering the cookie. Rocketing past, the bolt also happens to take a huge chunk out of the Giant, Flying Whale, who is still pursuing the Sailor Wombats in their destructive koalacopters.

Rasco wonders if it's worth it, as he's still not
sure if anyone lives in the dwellings.



> Investigate the Dwellings

Kommanded by stonetoflesh

8 Kommands:

Debbie Clandening said...

I vote for investigating the buildings. Thanks for the great little comic. Here's a link to my comic.

Lawrence said...

I like investigate the dwellings as well.

DarleneH said...

First things first-Rasco, shield your planet. It looks like it's totally flooded. By the way, has he considered checking behind the cloud for a spigot?

Harji said...

No, It's better to check the dwelling.

David said...

Given that there's not much on Rasco's planet, I think he should check the villages (kudos for the Riven reference btw).

But he should be careful! The dwellings could be full of frightened inhabitants whose planet has unrolled and blasted a cookie, or they COULD be full of... other things.

Pippin, GoTC said...

Investigate the dwellings, use proper Koala House clearing techniques.

Anonymous said...

2. Investigate the dwellings like prophets and pastors and missionaries visit sick and shut-in persons

DarleneH said...

If that thing gets to Rasco's planet, it will destroy it! What would happen to Rasco without all he's created? The power of the pen might be centered in his planet. Rasco, shield your planet first. Then, investigate the dwellings using the proper Koala House clearing techniques.

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