Examine That Faint Beeping

Wait, what's that? Hearing a barely audible beeping, Martin steps uncomfortably closer to the rats as a dastardly truth forms in his mind. The rats are really robot sentries guarding the vents! No wonder their choreography is so coordinated!! Martin whirls into a leap as the rat bots shatter in a bright surge of raging flames. Then, all goes dim again.

Shaken, Martin peers into the fading smoke. Ahead is a panel with a lock and the ventilation shaft branches left and straight.

> Open the panel by extremely odd force.
Kommanded by Lawrence

4 Kommands:

Literally Cool said...

Use a swiss army duck to open the panel like a tin can

DarleneH said...

Use mine on locked panel.

Lan Pitts said...

using his koala sense of smell, he veers left

stonetoflesh said...

Shout a random phrase to confuse, and burst into what lies below...

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