Break Into a Broadway Musical About Teamwork

Brimming with gratitude for his sleazy saviors, Martin leads the rats in a full-blown Broadway song and dance number about teamwork and the true significance of universal friendship.

Yet, in the back of his mind, Martin feels a constant nagging. Wasn't he supposed to be on like, a mission or something...?

> Examine that faint beeping.
Kommanded by stratfordstud89

5 Kommands:

Cap'n O said...

Drop one of the mines

Wei-Chuan said...

Suddenly the metal they are dancing on becomes really hot as if someone put a fire on the other side of it. A heat wave was felt by the crowd as the temperature in the ventilation shaft increases rapidly.

Lawrence said...

A dummy mouse is wheeled in, there is a faint but audible beeping coming from the dummy. Martin walks over and examines it to find it is a bomb!

DarleneH said...

Martin bows.

DarleneH said...

Martin runs offstage.

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