Open the Panel by Extremely Normal Force

In a moment of reflection, Martin perceives that the lock may never have been locked at all and tries the handle. It yields easily to his slightest push and opens to reveal.. ANOTHER locked panel, without a handle!!

Hearing a light scraping sound from behind, Martin turns in horror as the blown-off, upper torso of a sentry rat bot clambers toward him! Martin cowers in quivering fear as the rat bot scurries past him to the lock. Using parts of his own metallic body and shrapnel from his former compatriots, the rat bot picks the lock and swings the second panel open! Martin thanks this bizarre new ally and decides to call him "Roderick"!

Taking a look, Martin sees that the ventilation system runs above a bathroom. Just below, a heavily-armed guard stands alert behind a closed stall door.

> Send Roderick to take out guard.

Kommanded by garbledwords, unevodis, The Five Iron Fanatic, crazeyal, Twistman, & smoothie251

9 Kommands:

big_toews said...

Shoot guard, check stalls, name rat mittens

isaiah said...

Martin throws "Simon the Cybernetic Rat" at the soldier. The rat climbs into the soldiers head through his nose.

eef said...

Name Rat McNulty because he uses a wire to get out of jams. Rat then strangles guard with wire.

DarleneH said...

Rat: Arnold. Sneak into adjoining stall.

Linda H said...

Martin throws a mine in the toilet behind soldier.
Rat's name: Fancy Bo-Bancy

Axxle said...

Ratty McRattington

Stealthily drop down with wires from the other rats.

Andrew said...

"I shall call him Cuddles." Lower rat on string, James Bond style. Have rat give guard wedgie.

Duke said...

Kick's no-name the rat into the toilet, the wires in no-name doesn't mix well with the water so electrocutes the guard. Martin then lands on the lever to flush no-name away.

Pippin, GoTC said...

Wait for the guard to sit on toilet, name rat Roderick.

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