Send Roderick to Take Out Guard

Roderick (the severed, cybernetic, Broadway-dancing, sentry rat) deftly leaps through the ceiling, onto the guards shoulder. He swiftly slings a bit of wire around the guards neck, pulls it tight and ..the guard's head slices clean off!! It hits the floor, cracking into a clutter of crumbly chunks and pink glop. Martin is visibly stunned until he sniffs a sweetness and decides against logic to give the headless corpse a taste. ..CAKE!! The entire guard is made from gruesomely delicious cake, with frosting skin and jam innards. Just then, a call comes in on Martin's earpiece...

Criminy, Martin! This is a reconnaissance mission. It's paramount that you maintain your cover and leave the environment undisturbed. Just infiltrate that phony pastry factory, find out what weapons development they've been hiding and document it with your camera. Call in if you need assistance. Of course, there's no need to tell you this. I'm sure you remember it all from your intense mission briefing. Central Kommand out!

> Flashback to mission briefing.

Kommanded by isaiah, eef & Pippin, GoTC

6 Kommands:

Matt said...

Flush the earpiece down the urinal.

Jeremiah said...

Eat the guard and investigate the other stalls.

Lan Pitts said...

Martin hears somebody approaching through the door. SCUTTLE AWAY!

maledictus said...

Martin takes his time to poo before he continues the mission.

Tyxerus said...

Discuss potential strategies with Roderick...after cake!

DarleneH said...

Flashback to mission briefing.

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