Use Bubblegum to Climb

Spying a particularly high section of the shaft and feeling adventurous, Martin takes out the sticky gum he'd been chewing. Affixing it to his paws, he begins a magnificent climb. However, at 200 feet, the gum loses it's tensile strength, stickiness ..AND FLAVOR!!

> Dig the claws in for dear life!
Kommanded by DarleneH

4 Kommands:

Lawrence said...

lucky the ventilation system activates and our intrepid hero is pulled into a side shaft.

Matthew said...

Dig the claws in for dear life!

Wei-Chuan said...

A strange arm reached out just in time to grab his left leg. An enemy or a friend remained a mystery.

DarleneH said...

After that long climb, bubblegum lowers Martin, Mission Impossible style, to just within a few inches from the floor which starts to glow.

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