Dig the Claws in for Dear Life!

Instantly reflecting on his folly and in need of a serious nail-filing, Martin desperately digs his claws into the metal walls. No good! He continues to fall faster, his claws grinding into the metal! This produces a deafening, high-pitched screech, which is interpreted by a nearby horde of rats to be a distress call from one of their own. They rapidly gather themselves into an immense mound of filthy fur, just in time to catch Martin!

> Break into a Broadway musical about teamwork.
Kommanded by Matthew

3 Kommands:

Linda H said...

Hug all the mice in one big scoop!

stratfordstud89 said...

Martin should break into a syncronized dancing broadway musical about teamwork and helping others with the mice!

DarleneH said...

Martin and the rats look up in terror at the same time. The rats skedaddle but Martin is carried off by the talons of a ventilator vulture (or an owl) who also heard the high-pitched screech.

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