Arrange Guard's Legs Inconspicuously

Thinking quickly, Martin brilliantly decides to channel his inner puppeteer. He skillfully arranges the remainder of the cake guard's legs to look convincingly like he's still in one piece. The rest of him, Martin dumps in the toilet. Just as he gets the stall door closed, the bathroom door swings open. Martin perceives three sets of footsteps and a hushed voice:

"Alright, quick! Get in the stall next to Unit 4A and stay quiet. I'll be back for you after nightfall."

> Don't forget to take pictures.

Kommanded by Lawrence

5 Kommands:

Lawrence said...

decide not to take up smoking

DarleneH said...

Get back in the ventilation shaft for a better view. And don't forget to take PICTURES!

Axxle said...

Use cake as camouflage.

Pippin, GoTC said...

Make noises to scare away people in other stalls.

Tyxerus said...

make HORRENDOUS noises

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