Snap Out of It, Someone's Coming!

Martin's stomach is aching painfully from eating almost half of the cake guard, when just outside the bathroom door, he hears approaching footsteps! His mind races furiously, knowing he has precious few seconds to dispose of that body on the floor and scuttle away to a hiding spot....

> Arrange guard's legs inconspicuously.

Kommanded by Lan Pitts

5 Kommands:

Duke said...

FLush the cake guard... poorly

DarleneH said...

Trip the sprinkler system to wash away all that sugar.

Linda H said...

M & R move guard to corner of handicap stall (no one can see from the outside if it's that far in the stall)

Lawrence said...

move guard legs to the the front of the toilet clean up rest.

DarleneH said...

I like Lawrence's. Meanwhile, Martin can stand on toilet and purge cake guard and no one will know it's him.

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