Roderick: Capture Duck, Use It As Mount

Clasping a bit of wire, Roderick daringly takes a flying leap from the catwalk. He tumbles headlong through the clutter of free-floating feathers and lands squarely on the mallard duck's back as it surges into the air. Immediately, he flings a loop of the wire between the duck's beak as a makeshift harness and rears it back as the duck clamors erratically. Eventually, its self-will is broken and harkens to Roderick's commands. The uniquely intimate connection between a duck and its broadway-dancing-cyber-torso-sentry-rat pilot is made! This duck will fly with only Roderick for the rest of its life.

Roderick decides to name his trusty new mount "Xiomére".

From this height, Roderick has a prime view of the factory's production floor, as Guards patrol past many helpfully labeled doors.

> Roderick: Check Workshop for New Legs

Kommanded by Axxle & Linda H

9 Kommands:

Linda H said...

Duck name: Xiomère
Xiomère takes Roderick down dark hallway between Janitor & Manager doorways. (Guard does not suspect because duck is flying overhead and cannot see Rod. And the duck is "just another rowdy duck in the building.")

DarleneH said...

Anatidae and Roderick investigate workshop.

David said...

Duck's name is Sir David Quackston.
Roderick investigates the area and finds something disturbing.

Axxle said...

Duck: Quinn
Roderick: Scour for supplies in Janitor room.

David said...

As for the name, I second "Sir David Quackston"

Martin: Look for a janitor disguise in the closet.

-D. Huther

Axxle said...

Duck: Ender
Roderick: Look for napkins. Cake can get messy.

nayib1223 said...

name the duck donald and feed him fire pill (pill that makes duck breathe fire)

Axxle said...

Duck: Gregory
Roderick: Check workshop for new legs.

Hey David,
Please continue this comic, it's great! I have so much fun reading it.

D.Houry said...

Hi Axxle,

Thanks for your bit of prodding. :-) Just wanted to let you know I'm working on a new page now, so hang tight!


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