Try Not to Sneeze

Following the scientist from within the cake guard's torso, Martin holds absolutely still and absolutely quiet. He knows the slightest movement or sound could blow this whole operation.

Just then, they step through an immense mound of factory dust. Martin's eyes are irritated, his nose is irritated, but he forcibly ignores it. A nearby pair of ducks take off, scattering itchy feathers into his face. Focus, come on, don't sneeze. Above, a potted plant's weak chain suddenly gives out, shattering the pot and spraying countless microbes of pollen into his face. Martin's eyes gush water profusely as that pot also breaks a table, catapulting a pepper shaker. It splits mid-air, further sending billions of tiny irritants up Martin's nose.
Hold it.. HOLD IT....

From a safe distance, Roderick whips out his shades and looks on in style.

> Use anti-sneezing technique taught by mentor.

Kommanded by Axxle, Pippin, GoTC, & Linda H

8 Kommands:

Linda H said...

Martin sneezes, exploding cake soldier's torso

Kelly said...

I can't think of a better one than Linda.

DarleneH said...

Roderick distracts scientist with a smooth song and dance.

Axxle said...

Roderick: Capture duck, use it as mount.
Martin: Use anti-sneezing technique taught by mentor.

David said...

Martin grabs the guard's rifle and fires it to cover his now-inexorable sneeze.

g_elfling said...

Concentrate more

eef said...

Martin puts his mouth down by the guard's butt and sneezes so they think he just let one.

Lawrence said...

I like the passing wind idea

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