Soldier Life Flashback

As they walk, the unnatural pastry properties of the guard's guts begin impressing on Martin's psyche, until he begins to have memories not his own.
His vision momentarily dissolves into a foreign daydream....

He's at a birthday party. A little girl blows air to extinguish candles planted in his head. A sinister figure - a younger version of that scientist! - scales a fence from behind the merrymakers and snatches him up and away. Shrieking rebukes - COME BACK WITH OUR CAKE!! - fade into the distance. Now it's seven years later. His body is crudely reshaped in human features. He's surrounded by others exactly like him, as the scientist works tirelessly at a corroding desk.

> Try not to sneeze.

Kommanded by Mirko

4 Kommands:

Pippin, GoTC said...

Roderick: Follow behind- With style.

robbert_pyfferoen3 said...

Martin, snap out of it and feed.

Linda H said...

Martin feels tapping on shut daydreaming eyelids..

Axxle said...

Study the scientist.

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