Use Cake for Camouflage

As the scientist and other guard start to leave, Martin ducks out from under the stall and formulates a couple of crazy ideas. Maybe all the guards are made out of cake? Just maybe - despite the fact that they appear sentient - maybe they don't have nerve endings? Rashly acting on these risky assumptions, Martin darts across the slick floor and takes a flying leap, right for the guard's back!


..He MADE it!! Martin has perfectly inserted his own body into the pastry body of the guard, who didn't even seem to notice! Martin may not be able to control the guard, as you might expect from having seen similarly ridiculous cartoons, but this should provide an excellent chance for observation. Roderick slinks close behind as the scientist, guard and Martin head out the restroom door.

> Soldier life flashback.

Kommanded by Axxle

8 Kommands:

Lawrence said...

act casual

Axxle said...

Try not to sneeze.

Literally Cool said...

Turn the gun on the scientist

Literally Cool said...

Ready the secret Koala watch-camera

Mirko said...

soldier life flashback

Axxle said...

Roderick: Follow close, but not too close.

DarleneH said...

Koala watch camera set to Roderick's frequency. Roderick explores.

Linda H said...

Martin's eyes water from resisting cake.

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