Draw: A Jetpack & Clouds

Rasco's newly drawn jetpack rockets him skyward and he flails a bit uncontrollably on its loose straps. Righting himself into a hover,
he decides to populate the troposphere.

He begins to create clouds, the first of which immediately pukes a torrent of severe rain directly onto his bakery! If this keeps up, the roof will cave in, destroying countless precious loaves of beautiful bread inside!

(Not that Rasco actually has any customers to disappoint...)

> Draw: Panicked Groundhogs & a Large Umbrella
Kommanded by Axxle & Pippin, GoTC

4 Kommands:

DarleneH said...

A slide to divert the rain to fill the land with water.

Axxle said...

Silly Rasco, he should have drawn the bakery with a sloping roof.

Draw a large umbrella.

DarleneH said...

This looks like a job for 'DRY DREAMER!'

Linda H said...

Panicked groundhogs bust out of the bakery carrying loaves and loaves of bread!

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