Draw: Panicked Groundhogs & a Large Umbrella

Heightening the chaos, Rasco draws bread-loving groundhogs, who loot the bakery in a wild panic. Poised to crown himself their hero, he draws a large umbrella to stop the water and save the bakery!

Oh wait. This only helps the rushing downpour flood the whole area. The groundhogs clutch their beloved baguettes for dear life.

> Draw: A Pool with Koala Chicks
Kommanded by Linda H & Axxle

2 Kommands:

Mirko said...

Rasco draws a swimming pool with koala-chicks and fresh cocktails served by groundhogs.

Hsu Han Chao "Peter" said...

A chick is a baby chicken. A chick look slike Roxy Ong.

Roxy Ong look slike this:

PLease check the picture I sendt you on Facebook David H.

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