Aircraft Carrier: Save the Whale! (IF: Layer)

The deeply injured Giant, Flying Whale drifts through space,
suffering a gaping, laser-inflicted wound to the heart.

Seeing this, the aircraft carrier roars into action. Grateful to her for eating the evil koalacopters that attacked it, the aircraft carrier offers its entire body for her salvation. The two combine, layering and intertwining until machine and organic life are indistinguishably one.

To replace the Giant, Flying Whale's damaged heart, the aircraft carrier substitutes its nuclear reactor. Its vast sensory array also gives the whale added perception. Within minutes, their fusion is complete
and the Giant Whalecraft is ready for action.

Meanwhile, Rasco watches among the sweater bunnies as the huge chunks of his planet disperse. The threatening planet beast still looms.

> String Up the Damage & Soothe the Beast

Kommanded by Thomas J. & David

4 Kommands:

Anonymous said...

Using double sided adhesive tape affix the remaining chunks of his previously destroyed planet. Or some other means, taffy, chewing gum, string.

Cyndia said...

Creative mind...Nice job! Love the detail.

Axxle said...

Draw a mariachi band to soothe the savage planet.

Pippin, GoTC said...

Rasco should rapidly evacuate the sweater bunnies by any means necessary, then ride atop his Giant Whalecraft wearing his battle top hat and get into an EPIC DUEL with the evil planet.

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