String Up the Damage & Soothe the Beast

Watching his own planet drift wider apart, Rasco politely asks one of the sweater bunnies for help. Together, they zip around the broken chunks, stringing them together with the sweater bunny's unraveling thread.

Next, Rasco attempts to soothe the raging beast planet with the calming effects of music. Thus, using the pen, he transforms his groundhogs into a full mariachi band. The have everything; sombreros, shnazzy jackets, traditional instruments, everything ..except air! The destruction of their planet has left them choking on empty dark matter. The same goes for the koala chick, cockroach and Chef Wolfy.

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Kommanded by Anonymous & Axxle

5 Kommands:

Anonymous said...

He should draw a giant bubble for his friends to bounce around in (and breath in) he should then draw a swordfish to battle the planet thing with :)

Linda H said...

Yes to Anonymous's suggestion of drawing a giant bubble for all the critters. Add speakers to bubble so the mariachi band can keep playing.

DarleneH said...

Draw an island of massive oxygen-producing trees and plants.

David said...

Rasco's Giant, Flying Whalecraft Carrier inhales what remains of the crumbling planet's atmosphere before swimming over and collecting its displaced and airless inhabitants, including the mariachi groundhogs.

The music would have fallen dead in the vacuum of space anyway.

Anonymous said...

insert mariachi into small box, connect box to giant speakers

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