Check the Planet

Sensing something even greater than their current conflicts, Rasco draws himself an astronaut helmet and takes off into space. The telescope just doesn't cut it and he wants to get close and personal with whatever that planet is doing.

As he approaches, the planet looms into view. Soon he can make out mountains, plateaus, pine trees and streams flowing into waterfalls. All this beauty victim to the massive shattering of the plates on which they rest.

As he watches, the plates bloom like granite petals, revealing four fiery pink eyes. The rest of a planet-sized body comes into view. The entire surface is resting on... no... it IS this creature. The whole planet is a living, convulsing, stunning wretch of a beast. The heavens quake as the creature lets forth with a long, rumbling shriek, pink flames darting from its jaws.

> Draw: The Combat Top Hat

Kommanded by Harji

7 Kommands:

DarleneH said...

Sees the only surviving village on the mountainside crying out for help.

David said...

Rasco realizes there is only one way to save the koala chicks, bread-loving groundhogs, and sailor wombats--he draws himself a top hat and a line of jazzy, tux-clad backup dancers before engaging the mighty Cosmopteryx.

You don't have to name it that if you don't want to though.

Harji said...

Well, actually I'm expecting more than just astronaut helmet, BUT THIS IS AWESOME!!!!
Next, draw a huge humanoid robot to fight off the planet.

Anonymous said...

Wat? Rasco's Planet Cant Transform into some horrific behemoth from beyond time and space itself?
Rasco should do something about that...

stonetoflesh said...

Offer it a cyber-snack and recite the universal greeting of peace.

Pippin, GoTC said...

I second the idea of the jazzy tux clad backup dancers. It would be pure foolishness to dare go into combat without those!

Anonymous said...

Draw big robot!

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