Look Through the Telescope

As the battle between the evil Koalacopters and his Giant, Flying Whale and aircraft carrier rages, Rasco curiously takes another look through the telescope. The sight is even more astounding than before. Now, it appears the nearby planet he observed has cracked into several massive, rotating sections. The flaring flames around it are caught in its gravity and absorbed into its core.

A missile explodes on the deck behind him.
This startles the groundhogs, koala chick, Chef Wolfy, cockroach and living burgers, but Rasco disregards it, entranced.

> Check the Planet

Kommanded by Lawrence, harjifangki, & Anonymous

3 Kommands:

Harji said...

Draw a spaceship to check the planet!

DarleneH said...

Jet pack can't reach planet. Tame whale and ride it for a closer look.

Linda H said...

Draw more flying whales to eat the anarchy!

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