Sticky Insect Hands

Rasco vows this pen will never leave his grasp again, whether he deserves it or not. He uses the pen to transform his hands into insect tarsi, complete with glands for making their surface extremely sticky.

Besides a better grip, this enhancement also allows him to climb walls, which he puts to immediate use by scaling his beloved lighthouse! Well, in any case, it's the only tall structure he's created so far. Not that he needs to climb either, since he still has his awesome jetpack. But hey, you know? It is what it is!

The groundhogs, cockroach, koala chick, Chef Wolfy
and frightened burgers all watch from below.

> Flood the Land

Kommanded by Aaron L & Anonymous

4 Kommands:

Pippin, GoTC said...

Reflect and ponder his past deeds before returning down below again.

DarleneH said...

Climb to very top of lighthouse and draw wind to blow cloud away-maybe out to sea?

Lawrence said...

Draw a storm cloud, to flood the land. I am talking waterworld-esque sealevels.

Davide said...

Tramsform the Lighthouse in a giant Insecticide can and kill em all!
But save the koalachiks drawing a space helmet on their head!

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