A Eucalyptus Distraction

After drawing Wolfy and all the delicious burgers, the koala chick starts feeling hungry herself. She draws a nice plate of eucalyptus bird-seed. What else would a half-koala, half-baby chicken eat?

At that moment, Rasco rises from the roach muck, races over and s'nabs the pen back! "AT LAST!!..," he thinks to himself, "My right arm is complete again!"

> Sticky Insect Hands

Kommanded by DarleneH

5 Kommands:

Anonymous said...

get a tattoo with the Fierce Lion of Judah to the left shoulder blade. Create an Anie who just left a prison-of-a-job as well as having a girlfriend who just left him (g/f is going back to living with her parents). Create a Anue, 53 years old who loves his brother Anie very much. Anie wants to run-away, who's a king, but in quasi-darkness. Anie has been influenced, only needs to open up and delve into the Living Word. Everlasting God, Faithful God, Eternal Father, Precious Lamb of God, The Most Highest God, El Hakkadosh, El Hakkavod, El Olam, El Echad, El Roi, El Chay, Jehovah-Jireh, YHVH Maranatha.

DarleneH said...

A sea

Linda H said...

Rasco draws a wireless industrial strength fan (to blow creatures that are annoying him down into the abysmal hole)

Aaron L said...

Sticky insect hands to prevent himself from losing the pen again. (And to climb walls!)

Anonymous said...

Rasco get some kind of transportation like one from Back To The Future movie ... a flying skateboard, car, steam engine, etc

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