Discover: Bowel Burger Village

The cockroach swallows Rasco whole. Down he goes, slowly and stickily
through the esophagus, stomach, right into... the village?

Rasco discovers a miniature village, populated by living hamburgers.
They don't speak and appear to be pretty mellow, but their knack
for stylish, intestinal architecture is incredible.

> Meat the Governor
Kommanded by Linda H

6 Kommands:

Anonymous said...

He found bottles of ketchup and mustard in the village.

Anonymous said...

He meets Wolfy who is grilling those hamburgers.

Chris said...

Pointy Buildings Can be used as dastardly weapons against our antagonist roach.

Anonymous said...

The hamburgers carry Rasco to the Governor's Mansion where he decides to eat the Governor.

Justin said...

Use bubblegum to climb.

DarleneH said...

Cockroach must've swallowed a bottle of antihistamines. They have an effect on Rasco's cell structure, causing him to shrink. Now he can explore The Village.

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