Meat the Governor

The burger villagers are thrilled to meet Rasco, as he is the first non-burger visitor they've ever had. They graciously honor him with a trip to the
majestic Governor's Mansion. The Governor of Bowel Burger Village
himself extends a warm, respectful greeting.

Severely devoid of diplomatic skills, Rasco nonchalantly picks up the mouth-watering Governor and eats him. The burger villagers are shocked and appalled!

> Induce a Beefy Exit
Kommanded by Anonymous

5 Kommands:

DarleneH said...

Surprised by their shock, and noticing their building rage, he spits out the Governor and tries to put him back together.

Literally Cool said...

The burgers have a "beef" with Rosco, but with his pen, gets them to "veg" (the cockroach swallows the pen?)

Cookie Monster 25 said...

The burgers slowly approached him, all in unison. Rasco nervously inches back... then realizes "wait! Their just burgers" and reaches for the nearest one. after hungrily devouring it, the villagers realized their fate if they maintained their current course of action. While the pathetic villagers ran away screaming, Rasco looked for a different exit.

Mirko said...

Rascozilla eat them all.

Axxle said...

The oppressed fries, seeing their chance, attack the distracted hamburgers.

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