Draw: Apprehension Cockroach

Rasco neglects to save the swimming koala chicks
from being syphoned out into the abyss.

In a fit of adorable rage, the sole surviving koala chick snatches Rasco's pen. With it, she draws a huge cockroach to apprehend him. This the cockroach does by simply and slobberingly eating him. The groundhog protesters are delighted!

At first, Rasco puts up a fight, but about halfway in - past
the roach's dripping mandibles - he surrenders.

> Discover: Bowel Burger Village
Kommanded by Mirko & Linda H

5 Kommands:

Anonymous said...

Bite his ear off

DarleneH said...

Noooo! Where are the MIB when you need them!!!

Anonymous said...

Gain super power to beat the cockroach, and the koala chick will fall in love with him

Anonymous said...

Hire martin to retrieve pen.

Linda H said...

Rasco gets devoured and discovers a world of living hamburgers inside the cockroach

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