Draw: A Drainage Pipe

Noticing the brimming pool, Rasco draws a pipe syphoning the water to a black abyss of utter nothingness. The storm cloud, seeing he's been foiled, now focuses his vomit stream of heavy rain directly at Rasco!

Meanwhile, the groundhogs are banding together to organize an official protest against Rasco's unreasonable labor demands.

The koala chicks continue to chill in the pool
(which is now draining into that abyss).

> Draw: Apprehension Cockroach
Kommanded by Axxle & Mirko

3 Kommands:

DarleneH said...

A sun, to dry up all the rain.
Wind, to blow the cloud away.

Mirko said...

a pretty koala chick steals Rasco's pen

Linda H said...

Rasco draws a huge cockroach to eat the troublemakers

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