Draw: A Pool with Koala Chicks

Never one to miss turning a disaster into a business opportunity, Rasco sections off the flooding waters by drawing a luxurious pool. He also draws plenty of cute koala chicks (half koala, half baby chicken) to party it up.

The groundhogs are assigned the duty of serving sparkling drinks, but several of them are not happy with this arrangement and spread whispers behind his back.

Above, the raincloud continues to pour relentlessly.
If unattended, the pool will certainly overflow.

> Draw: A Drainage Pipe
Kommanded by Mirko

4 Kommands:

Literally Cool said...

Add an inflatable kissing booth to match up the koala chicks with the groundhogs and keep peace on (somewhat) dry land and tend to the cloud later.

Mirko said...

The groundhogs make a syndical petition against Rasco

Axxle said...

A large hole in the ground. With a pipe to divert the water now that the pool is full.

DarleneH said...

Zoning officer gives Rasco a ticket for not having a fence around his pool.

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