Induce a Beefy Exit

The burgers have never witnessed a horror as great as their head of state being devoured right in front of them. So, despite normally being quite vigilant and brave, they now clamber away in terror, shrieking: "Rascojira!! RASCOJIRA!"

Realizing the burgers are making for an exit, Rasco is quick to follow.
They all swarm in a chaotic mass up the cockroach's esophagus and
pour heavily from its mouth. Rasco, being considerably larger,
must yank his way out quite uncomfortably.

Meanwhile, the koala chick is still using Rasco's pen. She's drawn a nice grill and Chef Wolfy to cook up more delicious hamburger patties for the roach. Although, now it might not have much of an appetite.

> A Eucalyptus Distraction

Kommanded by Cookie Monster 25, Mirko, Literally Cool & Anonymous

2 Kommands:

Linda H said...

Rasco lands at bottom of empty pool, covered with roach muck

DarleneH said...

Koala chick distracted by eucalyptus flavored chicken feed and drops pen.

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